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We help students gain valuable experience and competitive skills by marketing cooking knives. But not just any knives. We represent CUTCO, The World’s Finest Cutlery. Our sales representatives have managed to fill 15 million homes with CUTCO because it’s an amazing product that families will love forever. Whether you’re preparing everyday meals or gourmet cuisines, CUTCO knife sets will fit any family’s needs. Since 1949, these exquisite, American-made kitchen knives have made preparing meals fast and easy. CUTCO’s high quality knife sets are guaranteed forever and can be passed down for generations.

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Unparalleled American-Made Quality

We don’t just manufacture our products in America; we also have a commitment to providing high-quality American products and exceptional service. We take pride in developing exceptional knives that are unmatched in detail and sharpness. Throughout the manufacturing process, we perform quality checks to make sure every knife meets strict requirements. When marketing CUTCO, our representatives can feel proud knowing they are providing a product unlike any other.

CUTCO’s Forever Guarantee

You won’t just be promoting knives; you’ll be representing a high-quality product that will last a lifetime. CUTCO makes kitchen products you can depend on forever. If someone isn’t happy with a product’s performance, CUTCO will take care of it. Our clients are guaranteed:

  • Sharpness Forever
  • 15-Day Unconditional Money Back
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Exceptional Performance


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